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Please feel free to contact National Powersport Auctions Corporate office or any of the locations to have your questions answered to obtain additional information. Our friendly staff of powersport professionals can assist with every step of the auction process.

National Powersport Auctions Corporate Offices - San Diego
Toll Free 888.292.5339
Fax 858.513.1566
Fax 858.413.1124
General Information: info@npauctions.com

x. 1634 Kristen Patterson

x. 2122 Reeanne Medrud

Customer Service and International Dealers
x. 1109 Al Sands

Dealer Registration
x. 2159 Kara Whitney

DMV/Title Services
x. 1103 Helen McCrone
x. 1113 Wanda Wheeler

eSale Manager
x. 2107 Damon Haney

General Operations Manager
x. 1119 Jeff Kinney

General Sales Manager
x. 2158 Colton Clifford
Cell: 619.920.8797
Ben Mills
Cell: 510.421.8065

x. 2161 Megan Woods
x. 2151 Lauren Brenner

Marketing Coordinator
x. 1138 Sara Spohr

National Accounts Manager
x. 8709 Jenny Haelen
Cell: 404.357.8509

Transportation & Logistics
x. 2152 Andrea Mulder

National Powersport Auctions - Dallas
Toll Free 888.292.5339
Fax 469.574.7866

x. 4842 Lisa Chabot

x. 4833 Sara Coleman

General Operations Manager
x. 4838 Jeff Stalder

General Sales Manager
Donny Erickson
Cell: 469.401.1378
x. 4850 Jake Plender
Cell: 605.645.6932

National Powersport Auctions - Cincinnati
Toll Free 888.292.5339
Fax 513.672.2380

x. 5878 Kellie Hathaway

x. 5877 Alyssa Poling

General Operations Manager
x. 5875 Mark Clifford

General Sales Manager
x. 5876 Matthew Gunter
Cell: 513.869.0579
Dusty Krepp
Cell: 716.353.3322
Tim Berg
Cell: 314.240.0495

National Powersport Auctions - Atlanta
Toll Free 888.292.5339
Fax 404.393.6207

x. 8713 Christina Austin

x. 8706 Buffy Huffman

General Operations Manager
x. 8712 Jeff Corrigan

General Sales Manager
x. 8711 Peter Heisser
Cell: 404.357.9881
Chris Ramanauskas
Cell: 813.486.7262

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