1. Auction Lane Dropdown - Ability to select a specific auction lane
  2. Image/Audio Box - Displays image and item number. Also offers a audio check box to turn sound on and off
  3. Bidding Overview - Overview of the current item's high bid, current bidder, and status of item
  4. Bid Button - Shows the asking bid along with the bid button
  5. Auction Item Overview - Displays the current auction item's condition report, auction notes, and vehicle images
  6. Auction Lane Items - Lists the upcoming auction items for selected auction lane
  7. My Watch List - Displays any auction items you have added to your watch list
  8. Condition Report - Lists the necessary information about the current auction item including, item #, year, make model, item location, miles, condition report, and type of title
  9. Message Block - Send a message to the auctioneer
  10. Auction Item Bid/Message History - Current auction item bid history and any messages associated with current auction item
For additional questions please contact NPA's Simulcast support team at (858) 513-1500 ext 4
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